High-performance equipment from Hyundai

Wondering how we manage to sell equipment used in civil engineering, excavation, landscaping, snow removal, quarries, sand pits, mining, sorting and waste management centres, sawmills, forestry operations, farms, cargo handling, and more? We customize it for each individual customer.

Every job is unique. That’s why our solutions are 100% custom. Our team asks the right questions to design high-performance, reliable, and remarkably comfortable equipment.

Check out our inventory to unlock the possibilities.

New Hyundai equipment is built to last

Hyundai combines high-quality, heavy-duty construction, Cummins engines, and parts from the best suppliers (Kawasaki, Bosch, Rexroth, and ZF, among others) to deliver solid, dependable performance every time!

State-of-the-art technology

Hyundai has a reputation for staying ahead of the curve. It leverages the latest technologies to offer a superior experience and total comfort.

  • Widescreen Samsung monitors with 720p HD displays
  • iOS and Android fleet management apps
  • Hands-free Bluetooth phone
  • 4 cameras (including aerial) for a 360° view
  • Air suspension and heated seats
  • Air conditioning
  • And more

Used equipment that’s good as new

Whether it’s new or used, our high standards don’t budge an inch. Our goal is to provide high-performance products that meet your expectations for the long haul.

All the used equipment in our inventory has been rigorously inspected and tested by our experts. We document the results in a comprehensive 97-point inspection report that gives you the full story.

New Hyundai parts and attachments for reliability and flexibility

Hyundai parts and attachments are designed to last. Choose from our massive inventory and have our team design a custom solution just for you. Plus, get all the parts you need to maintain and repair your Hyundai fleet.

Used parts and attachments are a smart idea

Used parts and attachments are an excellent choice for heavy equipment repairs, maintenance, and customization. Ask our experts for advice to find a cost-effective solution. Check out our catalog to see what we have in stock.

What our customers are saying

Increased productivity, quiet operation, top-shelf performance, the latest technology for optimal comfort and safety—there are so many reasons to trust Hyundai heavy equipment. Just listen to the people who use it every day.